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Artist's Statement

My inspiration is the mystical in our physical world. My medium is photography.

I can record a moment in a 500th of a second which can speak volumes as a story, a visual poem. I like the discovered symbolism. I like the unpremeditated result. That result has been frequently described as surrealism or, to borrow a literary term, magical realism.

I am an outsider, a viewer, like you.

of the series, Mystical Highway:

From downtown Memphis turn south onto the mystical highway which threads through the land

of the disorienting drama of rain—deliverer of food, flood, and faith

of the mesmerizing music speaking to the very soul of all humankind

of the powerful symbols that weave throught the stories—disappearing, reappearing.

This group of photographs is my vision of this small, mystical land called the delta.

of the series, A Private Gaze:

I am just another animal
And this is what I know how to do.
I know how to divine our stories
with a camera.

Photography is like
Stopping the sands in the glass
allowing us to gaze
at that moment.

of the series, Gondwanaland:

These photographs are abstract landscapes inspired by the drama of the origins of this world-the origins of us.

They are a juxtaposition—a dance—of modern photography with ancient land.